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The prices stated on the website do not include any primary research. The company is not able to provide you with such preliminary researches as: surveys, interviews that have to be taken, worksheets etc. These situations take place due to the geographical issues; time consuming issues and the complexity of the certain task. However, our writer can provide you with hypothetical results if such case takes place. If you still need a preliminary research made while completing your order, you are welcome to contact the support team in order to resolve the problem and clarify the possible additional payment.

Editor’s service: Your order will be checked by a Top Professional writer who is a Native speaker in order to clean up all the mistakes in the paper.

Writer’s samples: If you would like to see some previously completed order of your writer (we have some samples of each writer available for common usage), you can order this option while you are on the order page.

Summary page: This option is about summarizing your completed paper and pointing out the main aspects of the paper.

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