Our main aim as a company is to provide our customers with a high-quality academic assistance service.

In case you are not satisfied with the quality of the paper completed by our writers or some issues occur during the order processing, you have a right to request a refund. Below you can find the information on the cases when you are eligible for opening a dispute to get your money back. Although our company’s satisfaction rating is getting very close to 100%, sometimes it is quite difficult to avoid possible misunderstandings that can be faced during the cooperation process.

Once the dispute has been opened, our Dispute Department will need 7-10 days to thoroughly review the case. For each one the deadline may vary due to the communication between our company and the customers. Pleaseб keep in touch with our support team managers for a faster resolving of the dispute.

Here are the cases when money back issuing is possible:

• “Double payment”- in case the payment is made more than once it is necessary to contact our customer support team and request a refund. Once we notice that the amount was paid twice we will refund it immediately.

A similar procedure will be performed in case two identical orders are placed - amount for the unnecessary order will be refunded.

• “Failure to find a writer for the order”- Although we always do our best to assign the best writer to fit a particular order, the cases when finding one is not possible due to different reasons, such as complex instructions or suchlike sometimes occur. If we didn’t manage to find a decent writer to complete the order, you will be immediately informed about that, you will be issued a full refund and provided with a discount for future orders with our company. All the information on this matter will be forwarded to our Dispute Department to settle the case accordingly.

• “Missed order deadline”- You cannot request a refund in case the deadline was exceeded due to your failure to provide us with all the necessary materials on time, since we cannot start working on the order until all the guidelines are received from you and forwarded to the writer.  All the additional information should be submitted right after placing your order on our website to avoid any dispute cases. In case you received the paper after the expiration date, you have a right to request for price recalculation. For instance, in case the order deadline is 3 hours and the paper was delivered with a 17-minute delay, we will recalculate the price as it would be for an 8-hour delivery order; you will be issued a partial refund.  In case of a 7-day order delay only 10% of the total order price will be refunded.

You can be asked for extension of the deadline in case the order is quite complicated, but those cases are very rare. If you accept such requests and agree to them, you will not be able to request a refund after.

You can request a refund not later than within 10 days after the completed order was delivered to you. If you do it later, such request will not be considered by our company.

• “Missed revision deadline”- In such cases recalculation of price is inappropriate. You can open a dispute in case the revised paper was delivered to you out-of-time (30 minutes or more), but be informed that then no revisions for the order will be possible hereafter. After reviewing the case, our Dispute Department manager will decide on the most suitable amount, but the maximum refund you can get in this case is 15%.

• “Not satisfied with the paper quality”- despite the fact that we always do our best to guarantee a high-quality of completed works, sometimes customers remain dissatisfied that can be caused by various aspects of the order process. Below are the cases when requesting a refund can be possible:

• You have received your paper for the first time. In such cases, if you experience problems with the order, you can request unlimited number of revisions or contact our Dispute Department to resolve the issue. It is possible to get a refund up to 90%-100% of the amount paid.  To avoid any fraudulent actions our Dispute Department thoroughly checks whether the paper quality corresponds to the initial instructions, our plagiarism free policy and other work aspects.  It is necessary to provide valid arguments to explain the reasons for your discontent. All the requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

• The format of the paper you received is. doc. In such instance you cannot apply for a full refund, since by approving it you confirm that you are totally satisfied with the paper quality. However, a partial refund up to 30% is still possible. All the requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

• “Order cancellation”- it is possible for you to be issued a full refund in case you applied for it before the writer was assigned.  In case you cancel the order after we have found and assigned a writer, provided that ½ of the deadline has not passed yet – only 70% is possible to be issued since the writer’s time spent while working on the order has to be compensated.

In case more than1/2 of the deadline has passed you can expect a 40% refund. In case you request order cancellation after the completed work has already been delivered to you prior to the deadline, we will not be able to issue a refund.    

• “I have received my work but still want a refund”- opening a dispute is possible within 10 days after you first received your completed order. In case after receiving a .pdf version of the paper you have not contacted us within 10 days, the order will be automatically considered approved; no changes or modifications are possible in this case, as well as a refund issuance requests. It is important for you to be informed about the work progress to avoid possible misunderstandings and disputes.

• “Plagiarism detection after the paper submitting”- though we thoroughly check all the completed orders using our special plagiarism detecting system, the only service that can show the most accurate results on plagiarism is Turnitin In case any plagiarism was detected in your paper, you will need to provide us with a plagiarism report issued either by your university or Turnitin service; your paper will be revised free of charge or a dispute will be opened to resolve the issue. REMEMBER! When a paper is being checked through Turnitin its content is automatically added to the system database, so if you try to check it more than once a very high percentage of plagiarism will be shown.  

• “Refund for additional order features”- you cannot request a refund for such additional services as: writer’s samples, editor’s service or summary page. You can, however, request a refund for changing the category of the writer provided that no writer has been assigned to work on the order. In case the order is in progress and the writer is working on it, the refund is not available.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us 24/7. Our professional team will always be happy to provide you with the best quality service.