What does your company do?

We provide our customers with academic assistance. We provide the following services:

  1. Writing from scratch. You give us your instructions, and we complete the paper from scratch according to these instructions.
  2. Re-writing. We can re-write your paper if you provide us with your own draft. The content of the paper can be changed up to 70%.
  3. Editing. We can edit your paper if you provide us with your own draft. The content of the paper can be changed up to 30%.
  4. Proofreading. We can proofread your paper if you provide us with your own draft. No content of the paper can be changed. The writer will check the paper for grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes.
  5. Business writing. We provide also writing of CV, Resume, content writing, cover letter writing.

Do you have a Money Back guarantee?

Yes, we do have a Money Back Guarantee. We provide Money Back in certain cases. To learn more about the cases when money back is applicable, please visit our Money Back Guarantee page.

Where are you located?

The company 2buyessay.com is based in England. It is registered in Surrey, London, UK. The CEO office is located in London. We also have three offices with support teams that are located in USA, UK and Europe.

Our writers work as freelancers. We have a huge database of more than 2000 writers. All the writers have their Master’s and Ph.D. degrees accomplished.

Do you provide plagiarism free papers?

Yes. We guarantee no plagiarism will be detected in your paper. Each paper that is written from scratch is original and written according to the instructions provided by the customer. Each paper is checked for plagiarism before delivery. We check papers by our own unique plagiarism detection system.

In case you ordered Rewriting/Editing/Proofreading service, you are obligated to provide us with plagiarism free draft. We are not responsible for plagiarism detected in your initial paper.

Do you guarantee confidentiality?

We guarantee 100% confidential service. Be sure that none of your personal information can be sold, distributed to the third parties. We collect your personal information like name, phone number, e-mail in order to communicate with you during the completion of your order.

All our payment methods (Pay Pall, Gate2Shop) are safe to use. You do not have to provide us with your credit card information on the order form. You check out on the secure page of one of our payment processors.

Do you guarantee that my paper will not be used by someone else? Is there a chance I can get someone else’s paper?

Please, be sure that each paper is original and delivered only to its own customer. There is no possibility that the paper will be delivered to someone else. We check each paper for plagiarism before delivery. We do not keep the database of the completed orders; the only person who has access to the paper is you, and your writer of course because he/she completes the order. We guarantee that we do not resell the completed papers. We only keep the completed orders in the system for some time in order to prove that the paper is original in case of a dispute between the customer and us.

What is your paper standard?

Our paper standard is: 275 words per one double-spaced page, 12 point Arial or Times New Roman, 1-inch margins on all sides.

We can complete the paper in single spaced format as well.

You can also choose any format you need: APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian etc.

Do you have a writer specialized on…?

We have a huge database of the professional writers who specialize in different subjects. We can find the writer almost for each order we receive. However, if you are hesitating whether we can find the appropriate writer for your order, you are more than welcome to place a free inquiry, which is free of charge for you. Our support team will receive the inquiry, carefully check the instructions and find the most suitable writer for you.  You will be given a call within the 15 minutes from the moment you placed an inquiry.

Be sure than there is no possibility that the writer who is not proficient in your field of study will be assigned to work on your order.

Each writer that works in our company passes tests, essays and interviews before he/she is hired in order to prove his or her professionalism.

 How will I get my completed paper?

The completed paper will be delivered to your e-mail and to your personal order page in .pdf version. This is a preview version of the paper in order for you to check it for the followed instructions. You can also be delivered a .doc version right away in order to shorten the process of receiving the order.

Do you provide revisions for my ordered paper?

In case any adjustments should be made in the paper, you are more than welcome to request a revision by clicking “request revision” button on your personal order page or by sending us e-mail to our corporate email address. Please, give us specific comments for the revision, so that the writer will be able to fix the paper for you. Be sure that the instructions for the revision should not contradict the initial ones. For more information, please visit our Revision Policy.

How can I send you the additional information for the order?

In case you need to upload some files for the writer, please select “Yes” option on the order form in the section “Will you upload any additional materials?” Thus you will be able to upload the needed files and send it to our email address.

In case you forgot to select this option, you can send the needed files to our e-mail: info@2buyessay.com. Please mind, to send the files right after you place your order with us and please, include your order number in the subject of your e-mail.

What are your prices?

We provide quite cheap prices for our customers. Our pricing policy is now the most convenient and affordable on the market! Our prices start from $7.99 per page! You can get a high quality paper for an affordable price with 2buyessay.com!

The price for the order depends on the deadline and academic level. Our prices are stated on the “Pricing” page on the website. The prices are stated per 1 page in USD. You are also welcome to ask our friendly support team for a special discount for you!

Do not hesitate to contact us 24/7

What does “Sources” mean?

Sources mean the number of articles, books, journals, webpages that the writer will use during the completion of your order.

What is Editor’s service on the order form?

Editor’s service means that after your order is completed, the Top Native speaker, who works as a special editor in our company, will proofread your order. You can choose this service only if your order is more than 8 hours deadline. The cost of the service is +30% of the total order price.